The Cascadia Wedding Show is produced by the team at Clearwater Events & Weddings. Launching formally in 2016, we focus on weddings and community events.

As a company, we have a clear mandate that keeps us inspired by nature, passionate with supporting local, and obsessed with trying to curb the amount of waste events typically seem to create. We also have a giving back model, which allows us to donate to local causes and provide pro bono services throughout the year.


Owner and Lead Planner

Natasha was born and raised on the North Shore, and as a result, she's always been surrounded by the water, the forests, and the mountains.  From a very young age, her love for the Pacific Northwest was born.  Now, many years later, she has a soft spot for finding ways to bring elements of the West Coast into everything she does.  Give her greenery, candles, and elements of wood - that's Natasha's happy place.